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Author Topic: Attention Members  (Read 823 times)

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Attention Members
« on: January 10, 2008, 10:13:37 PM »
Effective immediately, several new rules are going into effect, and they will be strictly enforced by both myself and my co-admins. The reason for these changes is that I have people telling me they don't want to come back because they are annoyed by some of the things that go on here, and frankly, I can't blame them.  And frankly, I can't, and won't, have that.

First, I am no longer allowing posts with just a single emoticon for any purpose. Thunder, this means your going to have to stop your emoticon of the day. I can't let you do it without letting everyone else do it too.

Second, posts must be worthwhile. This means that you can't go into the What Did you eat today? thread and just say "food". This kind of post will immediately be removed.

Third, any argument that breaks out will be stopped immediately either by removal of posts, or locking the thread in its entirety. There's no room here for arguing, bickering, fighting, etc.

Finally, be certain that you are posting in the proper place, and that you only make new threads when its necessary. For instance, talk about LF music should be put only in that respective board.

These rules are meant to make this a pleasant and enjoyable place to post and interact with one another. Your cooperation with these rules would be greatly appreciated.

TWC Administration Team