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Author Topic: *NEW*-Please Read Before Playing Or Starting Games  (Read 4584 times)

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*NEW*-Please Read Before Playing Or Starting Games
« on: July 27, 2007, 04:48:31 PM »
Ok, since the Game Room is on the brink of getting out of control, I am laying down a new set of rules. They are:

-No double posting. I am tired of seeing people double post in here for no reason. A double post is two back to back posts by one person.

-Play fairly or not at all-this means no arguing, name calling, purposefully rating a sig or avatar lowly, or other behavior intended to hurt or argue.

-Posts must be worthwhile. No posts with just a single word or emoticon. These are a huge waste of everybody's time.

-Keep it clean and appropriate.

-Do NOT post in any game just to tell a person they may start the next round. This is NOT acceptable. I'm sure that person is or will be aware that they are next to start.

PLEASE READ AND UNDERSTAND THESE RULES. I will NOT remind you. Instead, I will take immediate action against any infringement.
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