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Local Forecast / Re: the Real WeatherSTAR 4000 Lives again.
« Last post by techknight on May 08, 2020, 06:31:47 PM »
Heres what it looked like when that QLCS moved through awhile back:

Local Forecast / Re: the Real WeatherSTAR 4000 Lives again.
« Last post by techknight on May 08, 2020, 06:28:30 PM »
Thats my own personal touch. I thought adding a regional radar would ad my own little spin on it.

Same basemap ratio so when I switch over to local radar, it'll look right. Keeps the math simple, and keeps the memory usage low as its very limited. I only have 2MB to work with for assets.

Also, this is an enhanced radar so it shows the snow and mix precip types as well. The radar the 4000 never had, and should have. :-)

But the unprojected basemap works with the NWS CONUS as well. so I have options, and can go either way.
Local Forecast / Re: Classic LF Questions
« Last post by twcclassics on May 08, 2020, 06:18:24 PM »
I'm sure what happened in the video I posted was a technical glitch. They happened every now and then. As far as the "classic" years go, it's whatever your experiences were. For me, it's 1982-1999. My interest began to wane around 1996, went down further in 2000, and basically went off the map in 2005.
Local Forecast / Re: the Real WeatherSTAR 4000 Lives again.
« Last post by twcclassics on May 08, 2020, 06:12:40 PM »
Is that how the real 4000's radar looked towards the end? I've never seen that before.
Local Forecast / Re: Classic LF Questions
« Last post by Dylan on May 08, 2020, 10:13:12 AM »
Maybe 2010 is a stretch, but I think we can at least call pre-August 2005 classic, if not pre-June 2008 (when the whole HD thing came out, besides the national version of Local on the 8s seen on the HD channel), or maybe because I'm younger than some of you, I would consider an era classic that most of you wouldn't, anyway, as I pointed out, something was seriously up with master control that morning, furthermore, I've never seen any Station ID tag up longer than 5 seconds before, regardless if the STAR cued it at the proper time or not. Definitely one of the most interesting clips I've run across.
Local Forecast / Re: Classic LF Questions
« Last post by techknight on May 08, 2020, 07:37:41 AM »
I guess this is where the generational divide is going to start showing its prevalence.

To me, 2010 is NOT even close to being "classic" Classic to me is from the birth up until around 2005 or so.

Some newer generations could argue classic is anything from the 2013 rebrand and before. Then what happens with another rebrand? hmm...

But, I have been a TWC watcher since the early days, as I am almost as old as TWC is. So I look at it from a completely different perspective. But, for me, anything past 2005, its all a blur as I grew out of it for awhile. So I tend to stick to TWC as it was in my childhood. Thats where the generational divide shows up.
Local Forecast / Classic LF Questions
« Last post by Dylan on May 08, 2020, 12:30:48 AM »
Here's a topic I came up with where we can talk about anything classic LF related (at this point, we can consider 2000s classics, maybe even the early 2010s), and I'm going to start with this. On this video from Wednesday, July 3, 2002 https://twcclassics.com/watch.php?file=2002-07-03-papa-was-a-rolling-stone, what in the world was going on? Obviously, the WeatherSTAR XL cued its LF way earlier than it should have, but did master control really cut "Paul Emmick" off to air an LF 3 minutes early, and then cue another one with the XL running the station ID over the Satellite LF 40 seconds later, or did the XL just run the LF over programming, and the music was edited in? Also, they actually played "Papa Was a Rollin' Stone" by "The Temptations" with vocals at the tale end of the LF back then? I only remember ever hearing them play that with the song edited in a way to keep the vocals out. The only vocal I remember hearing during that era was "witchoowa", which is no where to be found anywhere, unless no such song really exists, and I was just dreaming.
Local Forecast / Re: What lf songs do you wish to have?
« Last post by YoshiSTAR_41 on May 07, 2020, 05:44:35 PM »
Before reading my reply, here is the set order for the song list I'd like to have.
Title by Artist - Played On TWC
Some of the LF songs I'd like to have were off-topic, and will be located at the very end.


I would like to have

"All There Is (Sunny Day)" by Yvonne (Leon) Ayers (Feat. Daft Punk) - June+July 2010

"Gettin' Around" by Trammell Starks - March 1996

"Fizgig" by T. Woods & Tomana - May+June 2001

"Incinerator" by T. Woods & Tomana - May+June 2001

"Keane" by John Maellaro - August+September 2001 + May 2003

"Animistic" by Scott Ward - June+December 2008

"Cadenza" by Scott Ward - June 2008

"Heat" by Ryan Farish - October+November 2009

"Lookin' Back" by Ryan Farish - July 2004 + March+April 2007 + September+October 2011

"Next Time (Taking A Chance/Easy Does It)" by Incognito (Feat. Big Score Music) - September 2008

"How I Feel" by Ficara - 1999

"Suspended" by Doug Granville - March 2007

"Fiesta Sol (Sun Party)" by Max Groove - June 1991

"From Scratch" by Doug Granville - March 2007

"Make Your Own Way" by Doug Granville - March 2007

"Discovery 36" by Doug Granville - March 2007

"Playing In The Cold" by Doug Granville - ???

"Survive!" by Doug Granville - March+April 2009


Off Topic Music

"The Rain and The Storm" by ??? - 2005+2006 (The Weather Network)

"Storm Alert" by ??? - 2017 (YouTube)


All of those songs were on my YouTube music channel as lost tracks, except for "Incinerator", "Discovery 36", and "Playing In The Cold".
TWC Fan Art / Re: Jonathon's Artwork
« Last post by YoshiSTAR_41 on May 07, 2020, 04:09:42 PM »
I know Weatherscan won't be in HD, but here is an image I created if it WERE in HD. I didn't have enough room to fit the crawl in at the bottom, so I had to exclude it.
EDIT: I know, it doesn't look good. I'll try harder next time.

I enjoyed all your artwork, it feels like if we went back in time. Also sorry for reposting your WeatherScan HD picture, Jonathon. It was in 960x720 format and I wanted to resize it to 1366x768 so it can look like HD.

Here's the true version of your picture:
<a href="https://www.youtube.com/v/pCQGH37iZSk" target="_blank" class="new_win">https://www.youtube.com/v/pCQGH37iZSk</a>
Finally allowed to showcase a Test Run of the 5000.
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