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General Discussion / Re: The Front Porch
« on: September 04, 2020, 09:11:37 AM »
What a great time to be a Nintendo/Mario fan! I'm showing this to my niece and nephew later today. They're gonna freakin' lose it especially my 6yr old nephew, he's a hardcore Mario fan/gamer. He loves to play all of the Super Mario Bros games from the original on the NES all the way to the modern Mario games on his Switch. I don't know if any other kid or adult for that matter can outmatch him in his love for this mascot or company. :lol:
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General Discussion / Re: Playstation/Wii -Video Games
« on: August 19, 2020, 09:11:38 PM »
I bought this treasure last month on eBay. Never owned one, never played on one growing up. I went from my sister's SNES to my Gamecube/Gameboy Advance. Maybe it's the topsy turvy-ness of 2020, but I had this urge to buy this. My original intention was to get a Gamecube again (which I still plan to do possibly as early as this Friday). There was just something about not having this console growing up in my childhood that made me want to get it and a select back catalog of games for it. :happy:

Local Forecast / Re: What lf songs do you wish to have?
« on: August 19, 2020, 08:11:53 PM »
"Keane" by John Maellaro
"Song for Jimmy" by Penny Lea

General Discussion / Re: Corona Virus
« on: April 03, 2020, 06:32:03 PM »
I'm inhaling some extremely ignorant, self-centered anecdotal content in this thread :rolleyes:
Agreed, very much so....I guess we should just go on with life as normally so the virus can spread much more rapidly since we now know it can be simply by just breathing and talking near someone whos infected or someone who is asymptomatic showing zero signs of symptoms yet still spreading the virus. If we had of been proactive in doing these measures back in February, if not late January we would likely be on the cusp of recovery from this virus. Its not like this magically popped up in the US a month ago and nowhere else. We saw and heard the grim developments that were occurring in China, Spain, Italy, etc. weeks/months ago we collectively as a country should have been proactive and preparing then, not a few weeks ago as crap hit the fan. End rant.  Edit: Lets try to be sympathetic to people in other countries around the world who are also suffering economically, its not just Americans who are suffering from this. We all live on this planet and as a result we all are greatly and personally affected by this global pandemic.

General Discussion / Re: Playstation/Wii -Video Games
« on: March 25, 2020, 11:20:42 PM »
Two Words: Animal Crossing. 😂 Animal Crossing: New Horizons is my first AC game and I have literally been playing it everyday since it launched last Friday. Its a very addicting game.😁

General Discussion / Re: Charles Abel-Lear 1980-2019
« on: March 25, 2020, 11:17:41 PM »
Wow, Im shocked and saddened to hear about this news. Although I didnt know Charles personally, he was definitely a great inspiration in me wanting to do STAR emulations and graphic design in general. I learned a great deal of knowledge from watching his YT videos over the past several years. He will be greatly missed.😔

Programming and Graphics / Re: TWC New Graphics
« on: August 22, 2019, 07:49:37 PM »
Judging from the screenshots/video, I think the graphics look great, but of course they're not anything outstanding, it's pretty mainstream compared to other cable networks which is perfectly fine. I've always been a  fan of simple and modern. I was always a fan of the graphics they have had the past 6 years, although I've always felt like I was in the minority on that then, possibly even now. The sidebar was a good addition if you had a local HD feed, not the HD national feed when it came to the information it displayed. In hindsight looking back from 2008-2013 era of TWC's HD graphics they ranged from OK to bad imo. 2008-2009 is where I thought they were ok, but 2010-2013 is where they seemed to be all over the place, they seemed inconsistent in staying with any graphical style for more than a year if that. If you need more proof just look how Your Weather Today evolved from 2009-2014 during the Abrams & Bettes era. There were so many graphical overhauls on that show alone I could barely keep up. :wacko: I don't even want to get started on the WS4000 inspired LDL, specifically the unnecessarily humongous version that ate up 1/3 of the entire screen. <_<

General Discussion / Re: Playstation/Wii -Video Games
« on: August 03, 2019, 06:30:36 PM »
This needs a major update... :lol:

These are games I have right now...

Nintendo Switch
-Super Mario Odyssey
-The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
-Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
-Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle
-Splatoon 2
-Jackbox Party Pack 1-4
-Shantae the Half Genie Hero
-Caveman Warriors
-Mutant Mudds Collection
-Monopoly for Nintendo Switch
-The Mummy
-Attack on Titan Demo (Haven't played it yet)
-Cat Quest
-Coloring Book (for my 5yr old nephew)
-Crash Bandicoot N' Sane Trilogy
-CTR (Crash Team Racing)
-Deltarune: Chapter 1
-Dragonball Fighter Z
-Fast RMX
-Go Vacation
-Graceful Explosion Machine
-Guns, Gore, and Cannoli
-Guns, Gore, and Cannoli 2
-Julie's Sweets
-L.A. Noire
-Mario Tennis Aces
-Megaman 11
-New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe
-Paw Patrol: On a Roll (for my nephew)
-Night in the Woods
-Pocket Rumble
-Pokemon Quest (haven't played this yet)
-Rayman Legends Definitive Edition
-Sonic Mania
-Starlink Battle for Atlas (haven't played it yet)
-Steamworld Dig 1 & 2
-Super Mario Maker 2
-Super Mario Party
-Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
-Swords & Soldiers 1 & 2
-Team Sonic Racing
-Tetris 99
-Trivial Pursuit Live
-Wheel of Fortune
-Word Search
-Yoshi's Crafted World
Playstation 4
-Uncharted: Nathan Drake Collection
-Uncharted 4
-Uncharted: The Lost Legacy
-South Park The Stick of Truth + The Fractured, but Whole
-Life is Strange 1 & 2
-Life is Strange: Before the Storm
-The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit
-Tomb Raider Definitive Edition
-GTA 5
-Mafia III
-Battlefield Hardline
-Until Dawn
-The Last of Us Remastered
-Ratchet & Clank
-Arcade Game Series: Pac-Man
-Beyond Two Souls (Playstation Now)
-Call of Duty Modern Warfare (free with Playstation Plus)
-Detroit: Become Human
-DragonQuest Heroes 2
-Final Fantasy XV
-God of War III Remastered
-Heavy Rain (Playstation Now)
-Horizon Chase Turbo (free with Playstation Plus)
-Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition
-Killzone Shadow Fall (Playstation Now)
-Knack 1 & 2
-Lords of the Fallen
-Portal Knights
-Randal's Monday
-Ratchet and Clank
-Rise of the Tomb Raider
-Sonic Mania
-South Park The Fractured But Whole
-South Park The Stick of Truth
-Stick it to The Man (Playstation Now)
-Tales from the Borderlands
-Tembo the Badass Elephant
-The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt
-This is the Police (Playstation Now)
-Until Dawn
-Watch Dogs 2 (Playstation Now)

Xbox One S
-Sunset Overdrive
-Minecraft Story Mode
-Telltale's The Walking Dead Collection
-Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchridion
-Banjo Kazooie + Banjo Tooie
-Banjo Kazooie Nuts and Bolts
-BioShock Collection
-Borderlands: The Handsome Collection
-Burnout Paradise
-The Crew
-Devil May Cry Definitive Edition
-Devil May Cry 4
-Devil May Cry 5
-Forza Horizon 2 & 3
-The Gardens Between
-Gears of War 1-4
-Guacamelee 1 & 2
-Halo: The Master Chief Collection
-Halo 5
-Ori and the Blind Forest Definitive Edition
-Red Dead Redemption: Game of the Year Edition
-Shadow Warrior 2
-Split Second
-Super Lucky's Tale
-Trivial Pursuit Live!

General Discussion / Re: The Front Porch
« on: August 03, 2019, 05:42:58 PM »
I lurk around, but haven't posted here since last year? Don't remember. I haven't watched any TWC live coverage since I think Hurricane Irma two years ago. Whatever hurricane Mike Bettes was in Naples, FL that was the last time I saw TWC live from a livestream on Youtube. It will be five years this November since I've watched TWC on a daily basis or had cable. Any tv watching I do now I do it on Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and Netflix. I had a change of heart and reuploaded my TWC fan art (STAR emulations)back on Youtube, but I'm not reuploading the recorded LFs with a couple exceptions. I would donate them all here if that was ok. In between working a warehouse job I'm focused on rebooting my gaming Youtube Channel by the beginning of the new year. I'm saving up to get a new and better PC or iMac. The one I have now just can't handle video editing/rendering well.

Hurricane Central / Major Hurricane Michael Upgraded
« on: April 19, 2019, 07:26:26 PM »
Michael was upgraded from a Category Four to a Category Five hurricane today by the NHC post analysis. The last category five hurricane to strike the US was Andrew back in August 1992.

Historical records Michael broke....
-Latest Category 5 hurricane to hit the US.
-4th strongest hurricane to hit the US, trailing only behind the Labor Day 1935 hurricane, Camille (1969), and Andrew (1992).
-3rd hurricane to hit Florida as a Category Five.


OCMs & Personalities / Eboni Deon
« on: January 01, 2019, 02:48:49 AM »
Eboni Deon who left TWC back in 2008 to go work at WFTV in Orlando, FL has made her debut on Atlanta's local ABC affiliate WSB-TV this past Saturday (Dec. 29th). She'll be working the weekend morning shift. She's likely taking over for current weekend morning met Brian Monahan who will likely be moved to weekday mornings to replace retiring Karen Minton next month.



TWC Fan Art / Re: Weatherlover's Artwork
« on: December 14, 2018, 07:52:52 PM »
For those interested, my STAR emulations over the past decade will be reposted here.

General Discussion / Re: What's Your Speedtest and Pingtest results?
« on: July 14, 2018, 04:44:04 PM »
How in the world is the upload speed double what the download speed is? I didn't even think that was possible. :huh:

Local Forecast / Re: Create your own playlist
« on: July 14, 2018, 04:39:03 PM »
July 2018

DAYTIME (6a - 6p ET)
1. Brian O Neal Black Beans
2. David Benoit Coconut Roads
3. Wayman Tisdale Brazilla
4. Derwin Daniels Going Home
5. Mark Carter Walking In Rhythm
6. Doug Markley Para Sail
7. Jeanette Harris - All I Do
8. Elan Trotman - Lovely Day
9. Julian Vaughn Reflection
10. Earl Carter - My Paradise
11. Billy McLaughlin - Candleman
12. Bryan Anderson - I Can't Wait

1. California Guitar Trio - Classical Gas
2. Pat Metheny Group Facing West
3. Ryan Farish Still Life
4. Grady Nichols - Ascent
5. Kyle Wolverton Soul Groove
6. Rod Williams - Grover Style
7. David Dyson - The Dream
8. Nicholas Cole (feat. Vincent Ingala) - Snap
9. Michael Ross - Bright Moments Ahead
10. Gerald Albright - Bermuda Nights
11. Ronny Jordan- After Hours
12. Brian Tarquin - Rainfall (The only vocal song on this entire playlist)

General Discussion / Re: What's Your Speedtest and Pingtest results?
« on: June 30, 2018, 05:22:11 PM »
Anyone who has Xfinity as their internet provider, did you recently get a speed boost? I have Performance Plus/Blast package and my speeds went from 100 mbps to 150 mbps today after being out of service since Wednesday night. I read an article about a month ago talking about them doing this nationwide but I didnt get a notice that it was happening this week here. Its cool with me, its a free upgrade anyway.                                                                    PC - 180.33mbps Download 10.65 Upload   Xbox One S - 177.07 mbps Download 11.66 Upload                               PS4 - 161.6 mbps Download 9.1 mbps Upload     Nintendo Switch - 46.2 mbps Download 9.4 mbps Upload

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