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Author Topic: Welcome to the Project!  (Read 6391 times)

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Welcome to the Project!
« on: October 25, 2008, 05:39:24 PM »
First off let me give a big thank you to Gary here at TWC Today. He has been so helpful in providing me with the resources and help to bring this project to this forum.

What is Weatherscan Local:
  • by defination: Weatherscan Local by The Weather Channel features customized, local weather information continuously, 24-hours a day.
  • Current conditions, forecast information, almanac data and satellite and radar images are built around customizable weather packages such as Golf, Boat and Beach, Gardening, Skiing, Travel and other outdoor activities.
  • Weatherscan Local is updated continuously throughout the day providing viewers with valuable forecast information.

What is the Emulator:
The Emulator is a goal-oriented object to overcome the home-made handicap of creating an authentic-looking weather data system for broadcast level output. The system was created around the likeness and specification defined by the Weatherscan Local product circa 1999-2003 by The Weather Channel.

What is the Project:
The Project, started in 2003 by Brian (aka cc17926), is an attempt to re-create a discontinued market object for personal informative uses. Much private research was obtained and still in progress to help facilitate the fullness of this project. The emulator is not restricted to features shown on the original product but open to many possibilities as long as they fit the correct format.