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Author Topic: Almanac Data  (Read 4100 times)

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Almanac Data
« on: October 06, 2009, 05:28:47 AM »
Well.. I've created somewhat of a fix to the inaccurate almanac data that has been experienced globally with the emulator. Sunrise/Sunset is calculated within the emulator by lat/long coordinates, it is not grabbed from an outside source, because of that, you must allow for VB6's primitive calculation system for some deviation, which is pretty darn close! For the moon dates, VB6 cannot calculate this (unless someone can shed some light).. So this data is grabbed from my XL, passed to the config server, then passed onto the emulator. please let me know if there are any other problems. the only other one i *might* forsee is the switch from DST to STD time. i will deal situation with that when it happens.
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Re: Almanac Data
« Reply #1 on: October 06, 2009, 02:02:56 PM »
Thanks for the update!  I will say that my location is still way off, unless it hasn't automatically been updated to the emulator.  I just saw it say sunset at 4:49p and NWS has 6:56p.  Sunrise said something like 5:38a and it is 7:35a NWS.  Zipcode here is 58202 and here's our local climatology

I also made a bunch of suggestions for the emulator...I haven't received any reply whether or not they were good ideas and perhaps possible additions to the program.  I'd like to know if they could easily be implemented.  Thanks for checking!  Here is that post.