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Author Topic: Text to Speech Narrations  (Read 243 times)

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Text to Speech Narrations
« on: December 19, 2020, 09:12:00 PM »
I used Samantha from TTSDemo website, and added narrations for PowerPoint IntelliStars, as opposed to Allen Jackson, aka Vocal Local. To add extra narrations, visit ttsdemo.com and click on "Voice" tab, and select "Samantha (US)" Voice. Note: "Winds" and is mispronounced, so you gotta type in "Windz" to make it the correct pronunciation. Secondly, "Record" is mispronounced, so you gotta type in "Wrecord" to make it the correct pronunciation. I.E. Near record high/low temperatures. Also, if the wintry precipitation is forecasted, make sure you typed in Chance of snow X%, and put a period at the end of the sentence. Instead of number, put the word to start a new sentence. I.E. "Chance of snow 80%. Three to 5 inches of snow expected." To download a text to speech file from TTSDemo, type anything you want, click "Say it", right click on command, and click on "Inspect" or hit "Ctrl+Shift+I", then go to "Network", then select All, and then play the audio file again. Then search for Media file, right click on command again, and left click on "Open in New Tab". It will direct you to this page where you can download the audio file. It's that easy!

Regional Radar screen
"Here's Your Local Doppler Radar" (March 2004)
"Your Local Doppler Radar" (March 2004)
"Here's Our Local Doppler Radar" (May 2005)
"Our Local Doppler Radar" (May 2005)

The Week Ahead screens
"The Week Ahead" (March 2004)
"Here's Your 7-Day Outlook" (March 2004)
"Your 7-Day Outlook" (March 2004)
"Your Week Ahead" (March 2004)
"Here's Our 7-Day Outlook" (May 2005)
"Our 7-Day Outlook" (May 2005)
"Our Week Ahead" (May 2005)
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