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I never got around to posting these vids on this forum, but here they are, in ascending order:

First version of my emulator

Birthday Present For socool775- Personalized TWC Forecast For Lansing, MI

This was created exclusively as a present for socool775/Aaron's 18th birthday (just testing it out at the time.)

Second version

ImBoredIIDeath's TWC Emulator- Blowing Sand in LA :P

For this update, I added more slides, as well as some narrations for the CC, radar, text-based and the 3-day forecast.

Current version of my emulator

ImBoredIIDeath's TWC Emulator- Blowing Dust in Spokane :P

For this update, I discontinued the LDL, changed the background to a blue-faded-to-black color background, added a spot for sponsorships, and moved the weather bulletin still to the very beginning, similar to the IntelliStar.

What do you guys think? I might make more emulator vids soon   :)

ImBoredIIDeath/TWCJim's TWC Emulator- Is It Hell or Is It Yuma?

For this update, I brought back the LDL, but restarted from scratch. Also, I updated all the backgrounds and added an ad crawl at the beginning. What do you think?

ImBoredIIDeath/TWCJim's TWC Emulator: Benton City, WA

Here's one for the city I'm staying at for a few days: Benton City, Washington.

ImBoredIIDeath/TWCJim's TWC Emulator: Moses Lake, WA

Here's one for Moses Lake, Washington.

For this vid I added a station ID tag at the beginning of this clip. What do you think?

Good stuff Jim. I think your emulator could go a really long way. Which font(s) did you use for the text? I can't really tell.


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