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ImBoredIIDeath/TWCJim's TWC Emulator: Temporarily Unavailable

For this one, I simply typed in the words "Temporarily Unavailable" on all of the stills on my emulator just for fun, and because I was lazy :P

Here is an emulator for Bennington, Vermont, made exclusively for Alex/seminolefanboy's birthday.

Birthday present for seminolefanboy802: Emulator for Bennington, VT

Can I give you some corrective criticism? Have an image of an actual warning crawl next to your emulation. Then, you can better see the font size. Not bashing you, I had the same problem way back when ;). Also, here is the actual warning crawl. Be sure to give credit to weatherstooge.

TWCJim's TWC Emulator: Kennewick, WA

For Kennewick, Washington  :thumbsup:

TWCJim's TWC Emulator: Temporarily Unavailable

A "Temporarily Unavailable" emulation for Spokane.


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