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TWC and your Cable Company / TWC No Audio
« on: August 02, 2012, 07:17:55 PM »
    Hi everyone. I'm watching Weather Center Live right now on TWC as I'm typing this post up, and there was absolutely no audio. No, my TV is not muted. I was watching WeatherScan before I changed the channel to TWC, and the WeatherScan audio was fine.  :o Is anyone else having this same problem? Is this problem national? Or is this just where I live in TWC's home Atlanta, GA market? Of course, I do have the IntelliStar, and I have Xfinity. The audio just came back on only for a brief moment. It was playing some ad spots for Xfinity. Now, there's no audio again. If anyone else is having this problem, you're more than welcome to post below. You may also comment about this below. That is all. Thank you.

Brian & Martin,
    I have the WeatherScan XL emulator installed on my laptop. It works great. Is it okay if I run it at our county's next amateur radio field day event? It is the weekend of June 25th & 26th next year in 2011. I would only be running it just on that Saturday the 25th from 2PM ET-sometime in the evening. If my mother doesn't come to the event, I won't be participating in the field day event. The county's amateur radio clubs will be inviting the media from TV and newspaper. They'll get radio to come if possible. If anyone comes by, I was going to recruit them into using the emulator. If it is alright with both of you, I'll need to tell people the history of the WeatherScan XL WeatherSTAR, which I know that very well. I'll have to make sure that both of you get the credit. Then I have to run this by my dad, the current EC (Emergency Coordinator) along with the President of one of the amateur radio clubs to see if they approve. If it's not alright with both of you, I understand. The location is currently undetermined. It will be somewhere in the county I live in which is Cherokee County, GA north of Atlanta. It may be at an area combined fire station, sheriff precinct, & community center in the Southwest end of the county. I'm believing we will be able to set up indoors either at the combined fire station, sheriff precinct, & community center, or somewhere else indoors in the county. But if the amateur radio clubs vote to set up outside, then I won't participate in the field day event. While I'm running the emulator, everyone else will be talking on radios. Yes, I am an amateur radio operator myself. Either one of you please let me know whether or not it's okay for me to run the emulator at the field day event. Thank you.

Bug Reports / System Errors
« on: November 23, 2010, 11:01:25 AM »
    I just recently updated my configurations for the emulator. I've tried to run the emulator, and for some weird reason, some system errors are coming up. Here is one of them:

System Error &H80070578 (-2147023496). Invalid window handle.


    Does anyone know where on either TWC Classics or TWC Today is the Dan Chandler-narrated alternate :45 station identification video clip? I know that Chazz had taped the clip, and it included a run-through of a local forecast segment. The video clip started out with the beach backdrop similar to this ID video clip
. In that one, it had a later personality doing the narration. The one I'm looking for, Dan Chandler was narrating "You're watching The Weather Channel for accurate and dependable forecasts you can always turn to on this cable system. And when you can't tune in, your weather forecast is also available from...". Is that video clip still in either the TWC Classics or TWC Today video libraries? What about on YouTube? If anyone knows, would you please post the link below. In addition to the video posted in this post, I was able to find 2 others that have the later personality narration. The Dan Chandler narration was taped in either 1992, 1993, 1994., or maybe 1995. I'm not quite sure. If the video clip is no longer available online, please let me know and I'll understand. Thank you.

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