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Help and Support / Can't log in to Cine
« on: November 06, 2008, 02:48:22 PM »
Hello folks,

I'm having an issue with logging into Cine.

I was able to get my login of User and key working; so far, so good.
But when I go to cine, I try to use my username, and my key as a password. It's not going through, and I am unclear what I need to use to do so. I've looked through the support posts in this thread, I've requested a CINE login and password...but haven't heard anything, so I guessed that I needed to use my username and my key as a password. That didn't work.
BTW, using user "brian" brings up his profile and associated data just fine.

OK, so would someone kindly tell me:   am I :foolish:, I'm definitely  :unsure:, and not wanting LFmusiclover to give me the  :club:. So, would someone please give me the 411 and get this  :footinmouth: out so that I don't get a  :nono: or even a  :censored: from the  :innocent: who run the board?

 :dunno: in Seattle...


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