September 30, 2022, 09:18:35 AM

Author Topic: Frequent, Intermittent Intellistar Outage in Manhattan, New York City  (Read 3963 times)

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The Weather Channel as viewed from the lower Manhattan Time Warner Cable head ends in New York City have been intermittently showing the national satellite feed with the national LOT8S and LDL information rather than for New York New York, as it should be and usually does. I have been noticing this problem at lot over the last few days (3 days, maybe longer); sometimes we get the local information, sometimes we don't; sometimes it will be the national feed for just a portion of an hour then back to the local information, sometimes it will be for hours at a time...and this is during normal, regular programming (not a consequence of national preemption as part of special programming blowing through commercials and LOT8S breaks).

Also, this problem affects the feed you see regardless of whether you're viewing the channel via an actual cable tv connection or you're viewing it on the Time Warner Cable app (during normal operation, the LOT8S and LDL information is NYC specific when streaming the channel through the Time Warner Cable TV app for iOS, just like it looks on TV - unlike the Xfinity app, which only shows the national feed).   This intermittent problem plays out simultaneously on the channel as viewed via cable tv or streamed online.

(I wish I could provide the correct and the new ID numbers for our intellistars but I've never been able to catch them.)