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Author Topic: 23.5 Degrees with Sam Champion  (Read 11870 times)

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Re: 23.5 Degrees with Sam Champion
« Reply #15 on: March 21, 2016, 08:37:30 AM »
The show will launch next Tuesday at 11PMET. I'm not sure why the show will be airing this late in the evening and it's timeslot has a potential to have low ratings.

looks like The Weather Channel is forced to move it to late night to "Burn off" the remainder of Sam Champion's contract. if this thing does get canceled, then TWC should just release Sam from his contract and send him back to ABC News where he belongs. the guy's done two fill in stints with Good Morning America since he left AMHQ and was replaced by Stephanie Abrams.

i bet you money he's in his last year on his contract or they recently agree not to renew it when it expires.

The writing was on the wall over a year ago imo. I hate that this move for Sam Champion didn't work out the way he and TWC hoped that it would especially considering TWC had to have dumped a crap-load of money into Sam's lap to make ABC basically say, "We love ya Sam, but we can't compete with that offer.". I still wish him the best in whatever his future plans may be.

The only problem with your thoughts on him going back to GMA to his old job is that would mean having to kick Ginger Zee to the curb since she was promoted to his position from weekend GMA. I highly doubt they'll risk pulling an Ann Curry debacle like TODAY did on NBC just to bring Sam back. That doesn't mean he still won't make occasional appearances here and there, but I don't see him (or ABC) offering to have him return to GMA full time.

The irony is I say of all of this and guess who's filling in for Ginger Zee this morning? Sam Champion. Of course the only reason here's there today and possibly for the next several weeks is because Ginger Zee is competing on Dancing With The Stars (and let's not forget a ratings boost).

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Re: 23.5 Degrees with Sam Champion
« Reply #16 on: December 27, 2016, 06:11:40 PM »
bumping this as news broke today that Sam is leaving The Weather Channel.

it's safe to say either this show has been canceled or is about to get a reboot with a new host, but that depended on the ratings on the show and i wouldn't be surprised if it's got very low ratings.