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Heyo all! I would like to share my contribution of the growing list of local forecast emulation videos—recently, I did one for Unalaska, AK, of which you can check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0OFervtaPtk

I have already done two other videos on my AE project recently. Any comments or criticism are appreciated!

Thank you! I have decided to inquire to my local E-waste recycling centre about if I can be notified on whether such a unit is turned in. I already expected for those types of units to be rare by now—I would not mind to have patience on retrieving one! :happy:

I will also keep an eye out for analogue WeatherStar units as well, in conjunction with the IntelliStar units that I am interested in getting.

I have tried searching for an IntelliStar unit (and other similar Stars) on eBay, though with disappointingly no active results. The last similar item sold there was a WeatherStar 4000 from Houston on 22 June 2020—however, the seller has listed its condition as intended for parts salvaging.

I am aware that there is the option to receive notifications on whenever a next listing is available—but beside that, what are other tips that I may utilize—to increase the chances that I find and purchase one of the units? All advice are appreciated!

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