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Is this still a work in progress? The WeatherStar 4000 Simulator is mostly down for the foreseeable future so I was hoping the III Simulator was still being worked on.

Does anybody here have access to the local forecast video clips that were on the old TWC Today website until the non-forum website was closed in 2020? Local Weather Drewbie on YouTube had uploaded them there, but he recently closed his account so I was hoping somebody somewhere had them stored up on their computer so they wouldn't be lost forever.

Local Forecast / Re: Old TWC songs sampled
« on: March 25, 2024, 10:15:47 PM »
In addition to the sampling of "Morning Awakes" by "Dover", I just now found out that "Smooth Sailing" (aka "All That Jazz" by "Trammell Starks" was sampled by somebody going by "PZA" on an album called "Pizza Party" and it's titled "Cloud". https://pza420.bandcamp.com/track/cloud
Plus, I think another song on that same album, this one called "1027" sampled another classic Trammell Starks song. I wonder what's going on with these people sampling classic TWC songs and making them their own songs, especially one that supposedly had its masters lost forever.

Here is the list of All known CC Gilmore/Samuel Lincoln tunes
All CC Gilmore tunes

Blue Text = I have those songs

TWC title  - CD (or alternate) Title - CD (if applicable) - year used on TWC ( all songs available on itunes unless otherwise noted)

  • IN The Spring - n/a . n/a - 2004*
  • in The sun - n/a - n/a - 2004*
  • Just Right - n/a - n/a - 2004*
  • Truckin - Not sure - not sure - 2006
  • Right On Top - n/a - n/a - 2004*
  • Down To It - Down With That? - Street Smarts? - 2004*
  • With You -Green Light Groove (from bigscoremusic.com) -n/a - 2004
  • Afternoon IN The Park - n/a - n/a - 2004*
  • The Passage - Waterfall Pina Colada and You (manpower music site title) - n/a - 2004
  • The Right Path - Sea Cruise - Millenium-2004
  • Make Or Break - turn around - make or break - 2005
  • New York Minute - In An Instant - make or break - 2005
  • On A roll - All for You - make or break - 2005
  • The Good Life - Fusion A La Funk (from bigscoremusic.com)- n/a - 2005
  • The Great Beyond - In The Moment- Make Or Break - 2005
  • Make It Real - Keep It Real - Street smarts - 2006
  • Down With That - Truckin' - Street smarts - 2006
  • Unknown TWC Title - Park place - street smarts - 2006
  • To The Sky - infinity - street smarts - 2006
  • Bright Lights - Swing shift - street smarts - 2006 and 2007
  • Back Home Again - Travel tune - street smarts - 2006 and 2007
  • Sierra Vista - Sierra (from munchkinstudios.com) - n/a - 2006
  • Third time's a charm - tres ami - street smarts - 2008
  • blueberry mountain - canyon country - millenium - 2007
  • a bright future - millenium - millenium - 2007
  • Twenty Three Skidoo - She Had it all (manpower music) - n/a - 2007
  • make it happen - lucky star - millenium- 2008
  • Bright sky - sun dance  - reflections - 2008
  • Groovity - Groove for Al - only the truth - 2008
  • Del Fuego - Latin Lover - only the truth - 2008
  • once again - (forgot the cd title) - only truth - 2008
  • Next Time - Take A Chance - Millenium - 2008
  • One And Only - not sure - from bigscormusic - 2008
  • Night Wave - (forgot CD title) - millenium - 2009
  • Bubblegum - not sure - from bigscoremusic.com - 2009
  • Up The Road - not sure - from bigscoremusic.com - 2009
  • Cuban Coffee - Cafe Cubano - from bigscoremusic.com - 2009
  • Deserted - Animal Parade? or something or other - from bigscoremusic.com - 2009
  • Open Highway - Upward Mobility - 2010
  • Early Evening - Lazy Afternoon - Millenium - 2010
  • In Square Circle -  Circles-  Forever Always - 2010
  • Handle On You - You Bet - Forever Always - 2010
  • Steppin In - Steppin Out - Enchanted Evening - 2011
  • Atmospheres - Hemispheres - Enchanted Evening - 2011
  • Rainy Day - Funk Rain - n.a - 2012

All The Samuel Lincoln tunes ( song available on itunes or amazon unless otherwise noted)

  • Wall - Hide and Seek - millenium - 2004
  • Sun Spot - All Of You - reflections - 2004
  • On The Road - n/a - not sure ( I have the song...not sure which one) - 2004
  • In The Pocket - (not sure) - (not sure) - 2004
  • Into You Soul - In the Mouth of the Lion (manpower music) - n/a- 2004
  • Cocoon  - Just Playin With You (manpower music) - n/a -2004
  • Under The Stars - What I Owe (manpower music) - n/a - 2004
  • Northern Lights - Arrow To My Heart (manpower music ) - n/a - 2004
  • Park Place - Walk To Me Like That (manpower music) - n/a -2004
  • Second Look - Chance Encounter (gmpmusic.com) - n/a - 2004
  • Enchanted City - Night In the city (gmpmusic.com) - n/a - 2004
  • Way Back When - River Boat (gmpmusic.com) - n/a - 2005
  • Her Smile - A World Away (gmpmusic.com) - n/a - 2005
  • I Want You Back - On The Move - On The Move - 2005
  • Twilight Blue - Break Of Day - On The Move - 2005
  • Soon Enough - Soon Enough - On The Move - 2005
  • More Than We Know - I Want To Know - On the Move - 2005
  • Was It You? - You And Me - On the Move - 2005
  • What I Need - More than Ever - On The Move - 2005
  • Everything to Me - The One - On The Move - 2005
  • More than Ever - More Than Ever - On The Move - 2005
  • Needing You - I Want To Know- On The Move - 2005
  • Now Is The Time - Now Is The Time - On The Move - 2005
  • Night Watch - not sure (found it on manpowermusic though) - n/a - 2006
  • Malibu Sunset - Waves Of Sound (from premiertracks.com)- n/a  - 2006
  • Waves Of Color - Rays Of Light (from premiertracks.com)- n/a - 2006 and 2007
  • Rosie - Rollie (from premiertracks.com)- n/a - 2007
  • Above the Horizon- Still feels right (manpower music) - n/a - 2007
  • Tempest Wind - Drivin West On Sunset (manpower music) n/a - 2007
  • The Dancer - Night Rider - millenium - 2007 (also used in 2004 from a recent youtube video)
  • Catamaran - Enchanted Island - On The Move - 2010

*= trying to track them down

Thats All The Updated CC Gilmore and Sam Lincoln tunes, AFAIK used on TWC

Afternoon In The Park, which was played in April 2004, is Lazy Afternoon by Incognito, which played again in June/July 2010 under the title Early Evening. Also, Enchanted Island by Soul Cafe/Catamaran by Samuel Lincoln sounds like something that should have played in 2005.

Local Forecast / Re: TWC Local Forecast Revamp?
« on: December 27, 2023, 06:22:20 PM »
One can only hope. They've never stayed the same more than 4-5 years. Now its been EIGHT!?!

Not only that, but the longest icons (from an on-air standpoint, not factoring in some cable systems kept STARs using previous icons until as late as 2014) stayed the same before was just short of 9 years, from January 1998-December 2006, but now, the current icon set is over 10 years old. Do you think there'd be any chance TWC would have a relaunch or do you think they'd go off the air before that would happen? And would Local on the 8s ever get a facelift or would it be more likely to be discontinued altogether? The only change since the WATT launch in November 2013 was the font and LDL change in August 2019.

TWC Fan Art / Re: pjfrix's (TWC) Fan Art
« on: November 24, 2023, 10:33:17 PM »
Where did you get that background? That looks like a background from TWC's Weather Star XL Release Notes from way back in the day, a prototype version of the September 2001-August 2005 background, but how did you get it with no overlays?

https://twcclassics.com/watch.php?file=cold-front  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IqL_UnA2EQc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vnn5-wrAxPU
I don't think the song in those videos is commercially available, because a full length version is nowhere to be found, but it played on TWC in both August and September 2005, both in the overnight, but when this website had playlists, there was a song called "Cold Front" by "Rob Weiss" listed in the August and September 2005 playlists, but the audio clip was a totally different song. By luck, I have the audio clip here to show you what I mean. Is that song another one called "Cold Front" by another "Rob Weiss", does the song have 2 totally different interludes and the wrong one was listed on this website years ago, or is it just erroneously titled "Cold Front" by "Rob Weiss"? I'd be interested in knowing the name of the song in the file I attached, it's pretty catchy, even if it didn't air on TWC.

Local Forecast / "Survive" by "Doug Granville"
« on: October 16, 2023, 09:52:08 AM »
Is there a way to obtain "Survive" by "Doug Granville" from March/April 2009? I thought the official song was used in a WeatherStar 4000 simulator video at one time, but I can't seem to find it now.

Everything Else TWC / Re: Few and scattered showers
« on: October 15, 2023, 12:23:41 PM »
Does TWC still even forecast "Scattered Showers" these days? I haven't seen that in a very long time. "Few Showers" doesn't show up much these days either, but it does once in awhile. I've not seen "Scattered Showers" that I can remember since I think I saw it once early in the WATT-era, but not since then.

Local Forecast / "Morning Awakes" by "Dover" sampled twice
« on: August 25, 2023, 11:51:17 PM »
So a song that TWC played way back in March 1998 called "Morning Awakes" by "Dover" I've heard is lost forever, because "Timothy Bright" (the artist behind "Dover") lost the masters to it, but somehow, this song managed to be sampled twice. First, by somebody calling themselves "NxxxxxS" naming it "Weather 4 0 0 0", then second, somebody named "Lil Bit" sampled the same song, added lyrics to it, and named it "Ta-Ra". This is the original song I'm talking about and notice how replies to the linked comment suggest the songs that sampled is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AdnDV05i5TY&lc=Ugz2ltEg1pLbKImwNBF4AaABAg
And listen to the songs in these two videos to notice what I'm talking about: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8lPKy4Zz4mE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KNA6bgFSCYM

Can you link to an example or two?
That top one has some production song called "Dance Energy" by "Steve Everitt" and I'd be interested in better quality versions of the three you'll find in the channel on the bottom to see if they (along with others not in any YouTube videos) could be identified. Also, the locals that have music after an OCM gives a regional forecast for the closest region to the location have a title bar that suggest the graphic was created sometime between September 29, 2003 and October 2005. Possibly, the graphic was created way back then and was never updated for years until March 2010, when they overhauled the online locals to have graphics similar to their then-on-air appearance and got new music for those videos. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AKr3sKtm2Cc The graphic in that video first appeared in March 2010, but would continue to be used with outdated graphics until being retired in August 2014. These online forecasts were retired completely by the beginning of 2015. I'd be interested in being able to track down when they first started doing these forecast videos for curiosity's sake, especially since the first style I saw in 2007 was already using 2-year outdated graphics (even though the icons did change). I really do miss these online locals though, both the ones with music and the OCMs doing the forecast dedicated to those areas.

Does anybody remember the online video forecasts that TWC had on weather.com many years ago? Well, there is a very small number of them on YouTube, but I was wondering if (other than the small few already on YouTube) anybody has them stored up somewhere that they could upload somewhere sometime. It would be a nice blast from the past, and it'd especially be interesting if there were any somewhere from before the icons changed in December 2006, both the OCM locals and the locals that had music and Allen Jackson narrations that came after an OCM showed a 36 hour regional forecast.

Programming and Graphics / The Weather Channel Winter Moviefest
« on: January 28, 2023, 12:21:31 PM »
As of Friday, January 6, 2023, The Weather Channel has a new block called "Winter Moviefest" where they air movies on Friday and Saturday nights at 8 pm et and 12am et, with Thursday scheduled to be added on Thursday, February 2. The question is, what are your thoughts on The Weather Channel airing movies again after the fiasco this caused back in 2010?

OCMs & Personalities / Re: More on Bob Stokes's departure?
« on: November 14, 2022, 09:55:57 AM »
After years of knowing about the general consensus of what happened, I finally read the court document. My heart just wants to break for Hillary because she clearly went through absolute hell with him as well as Melissa. It's disturbing just how protected Bob was at TWC. And the fact that this was clearly an open secret among people that worked there makes it worse. I've been watching a lot of hurricane storm alert clips lately and I came across one that had Bob with Nicole Mitchell during Hurricane Dennis coverage. I could tell just from the first shot that Nicole DIDN'T want to be there with him. (And she had worked with Hillary at least once on First Outlook so I'm sure she knew by this point what he was like).

TWC is lucky this occurred a decade before #MeToo happened, because had this blown up during the height of that, a lot more backlash would have happened. I'm glad Hillary won her case but it is sad that we haven't seen anything from her since TWC. Melissa at least got a local gig in the Dayton, Ohio area a few years ago. That genuinely made me happy to see knowing what she had to go through too. Hillary deserves a comeback.

TWC isn't a good channel anymore but I hope it learned their lesson from this utter BS that Hillary rightfully sued them over.

Sending all the love for Hillary, Melissa and everyone else in 2022. We miss you!
Where did you see that video with Bob and Nicole working together? I can't seem to find it anywhere.

Charter Communications
Saint Louis, MO
Wednesday, April 14, 2004, at 11:18am

Despite being just 6 years old at the time, I remember the exact date and the exact time when my XL upgraded to an IntelliStar. The last XL LF that I saw was somewhere in the 9am hour and the TWC feed was off the air for a couple hours with a black screen displaying a message (I don't remember what it said), but the feed returned just before the 11:18am LF and I was surprised to see the LF completely remodeled (not knowing there was a new LF equipment going on).

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