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Timeline idea


When I changed to the current design and site structure, one of the sections I created was "timeline." The idea was to allow fans to get a look at TWC at any point in time (that I had footage from). Right now it's just a bunch of video clips and screenshots, organized by year. I would really like to break it down even further to specific dates and times (if they can be identified). I figure the easiest way for me to do that is by grouping everything by DVD. You can see what I mean with this simple example I threw together:

With the timeline idea, I think it makes sense to include everything. Not just the promos, station ids, and bumpers that are currently there. Obviously doing this would be a big undertaking on my part. So before I potentially waste weeks of work, I wanted to see if there was any interest in this. Would you like to see everything in one spot, or do you like how everything is scattered in various sections now? Originally, I thought about redoing the structure (which is reflected in the pages at the above link), adding categories and tags to each image and video, so you could see all the WeatherSTAR 4000 videos or all the promos, if you wanted. But I figured restructuring would irritate returning visitors. So now I'm thinking of just re-doing or adding to the existing timeline section. Your thoughts?

I think this is a neat idea. :thumbsup:

I posted this idea on three different sites. My Facebook page, the WeatherSTAR 4000 Emulator forum, and (obviously) here. So far only one response. :hmm: Anyway, I made a post about it on my blog.

I decided to make the addition even less drastic, by taking the existing timeline pages and adding dates and times (when possible), and ordering them that way.

Nice. I like this idea

Good idea. I am for it.


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