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New local forecasts from 1998


I just added a bunch of local forecasts from 1998. You can find them here...

...and here are the direct links (to watch)...

Local Forecasts 4000 video
"Autumn Blue" by Trammell Starks
"Blue Kiss" by Ray Obiedo
"Cool Nite" by Dave Morgan
"European Comfort" by Gota
"Here We Go" by Brian Hughes
"Joy" by George Winston
"Last Look" by Torcuato Mariano
"Living In The Country" by George Winston
"Longing/Love" by George Winston
"Morning Awakes" by Dover
"Mountain Of God" by Ficara
"Postcard From Brazil" by Brian Hughes
"Rolling Of The Fog" by Ficara
"String Bean" by Brian Hughes
"Suede" by Chris Camozzi
"The Storyteller" by Jean-Luc Ponty
"Three Graces" by Brian Hughes
"Wishing On A Star" by Ficara

Star4000 Fan:
This is neat!
I need to check these out! :)


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