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First, I will preface this and say that Windows Vista has got to be the most uncooperative operating system, not only because of security but because of legacy compatibility!

Anyway, with that out of the way, I would like to invite you to download a copy of the emulator and try it for yourself! If you find that you enjoy the emulator, with the assistance of Martin and I, you can customize the emulator to your local area and select which packages you wish to view.

Although much consideration has been put into this program to run on older-style computers, the rendering time/transition effects depend on how fast your computer can crunch those routines and produce output.

Incase you are not familiar with this project, to customize the emulator to your local area, you must establish a login and password with the configuration server, and then you may configure the emulator to your likening. Martin will assist you with this task because I am generally working while alot of fans populate this site.
To demonstrate the emulator's function, you may use Martin's or my ID until you establish a login, then you may configure the emulator to your local area.

To download the emulator setup file, visit this link:

After you install the program, a set of 3 icons are created on your desktop and also in your Program's (from the start menu). Each are to: Set the affilate ID, Manually Update the program(in the event i change how the emulator functions on startup, this will download the executible automatically), and the Core program file.

NOTE!! Windows Vista!! NOTE!!
To run this program, you MUST run this as "administrator" by right-clicking on the icon and selecting "Run as Administrator", or else you will experience major trauma!!

To locally configure the emulator for the first time, open the "Set Affiliate" program (Vista note above). To demonstrate the emulator, you may use either: "Martin" or "brian" (without quotes) to test-drive the emulator, I live in Philly Metro area, home of the Phillies World Series Champs. Martin lives in Norfolk, Virgina, home of the cargo ships (just kidding!)

To run the emulator for the first time, run "Weatherscan Local XL" (Vista note above). A box will appear mentioning that this program is copy-controlled. That means we want to know who is using this program!
A temporary 3-day key is provided here:
Name: Trial
Key: 0J3F98-6TXEY5-GX6Q66-NJT5TW

If you would like to use this emulator for your local area, please contact either Martin or I .. (try Martin first) and we will assist you on that task! After your 3-day trial expires using the program, contact either one of us to recieve a key which will allow you to continue using the program.

Please note how you like the program, or if you have any problems! We are looking for feedback. This is the first time this emulator has been released out from beta onto the public.

Happy Emulating!

Updated :)

I will be helping people later this afternoon. Please post here if you would like to participate. Then please PM me with a Username/Star ID and password you would like to use with the emulator.

Thank you  B)


That's a big *ding* for me too.  :P


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