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Emulator Release - June 2009

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This is simply a required maintence release. The update is to ensure that everyone is on the same page with the emulator as with the current development. The January release (and its update) of the emulator expired May 20th. To continue using the emulator, follow these steps.
-Login to CINE:
-Go to downloads and keys
-If you do not have the emulator installed on your computer (or now wish to use a new computer), install the main emulator release.
-Download the "June Update" archive, and extract it to: C:\wsxl
-Run the SetAffiliate program to set your ID. (This is required or else the emulator will crash on start!)
-Run the emulator itself. (Key dialog will appear to 'Get a Key')


Side note:
The XL export function is infact built into this emulator release, however it is not enabled in this public build. If you would like to take advantage of the export function, contact me through PM.

Also, Alot of people are looking for a better and streamlined method to signup to use the emulator than to message Martin directly. I will create a form that you may fill out to fulfill that request, and once approved, you will have an established login. This will speed up the signup process by 100^24 fold.

Leave questions, comments, etc about this release in this thread, no signup requests!

so now that there is a new release can i get an account for cine

I will be signing everyone who sent me a PM within the last 3-4 weeks setup tonight i hope.


not trying to get anyone mad but when do you think all accounts will be made


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