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Author Topic: The Weather Channel is being sued for storm chaser's death in fatal car wreck.  (Read 666 times)

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2 years after a fatal accident involving The Weather Channel hired storm chasers Kelly Williamson and Randall Yarnall that killed the both of them and National Weather Service hired storm chaser Corbin Jaeger, the family of Jaeger is suing The Weather Channel for the deadly accident which was caused when the car that Williamson and Randall were in brew a stop sign while speeding at 70 MPH on a intersection of 2 roads in Texas while chasing a tornadic thunderstorm. they were live streaming at the time they collided with
Jaeger's car causing the fatal wreck.


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I remember Williamson talking to OCMs, but I have zero memory of his show.  I do remember the show with the two college aged kids (one was named Justin, but I can't remember the other).

Was he actually driving/filming FOR TWC at the time of the accident, or was he chasing on his own?  From what I read, he was broadcasting live on his YouTube channel at the time, and you could see the stop sign approaching.  As soon as he blew the sign, the screen went dark.

EDIT: Here is the thread from when it happened...
Kelley Williamson
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