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WeatherStar XL Graphics for WeatherScan Emulator!

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Not sure if anyone is interested.  I was able to port over many of the WeatherStar XL graphics package backgrounds for use with the WeatherScan emulator here on the site. I find the backgrounds with the pictures that come default make it difficult to read the screen at times, so decided to give this a try.  I started with the /custom folder and worked my way through the rest of the png/jpg files.  I also made some alternate "storm mode" with a red background for the 'your local forecast portion" (which I store in the desert theme folder).  Excuse these pictures, for some reason my screen capture is not working on the machine that runs the emulator software. If anyone would like the background files let me know, be happy to share.

Great work in porting that all over, I'd love to use this on my WeatherScan Emulator :)

Nice custom backgrounds! I would like to have it on my simulator too.  :yes:

i will like this theme

I would love to try this on my emulator, great work!


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