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Earlier today I was made aware that one of the videos that Ericster so genreously contributed has already been snagged by Felipe. Which reminded me that I wanted to post a notice about that very subject. If Felipe gets them, there's nothing we can really do (and chance's are if he's gotten one he'll be back for more). But I urge any of you that know how to to watermark your videos. Its unfortunate that we have to do this, but at least if Felipe get's ahold of them people will still know whose they really are. Or else Felipe will just have to go through a little more work and remove the watermark. My hope is that he'll eventually get tired of either having to do the extra work or having our names in the videos and stop taking our videos.

Again, you don't have to do this but I urge you to do it, or to at least do something to protect your videos.

That Flippetydota, he never learns

lfmusiclover: he up to his crap again? This topic hadn't been replied in for nearly a year.  :blink:

He stole videos again? Where? :unsure:

Isn't that what I asked?  <_<


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