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I've been working on this simulator for over a year now. I've posted it in a few places before but I'll announce it here for more people to enjoy. I've done my best to accurately recreate the Intellistar 2 HD/XD in HTML/CSS/JS.
This simulator uses modern JS and CSS properties that aren't fully supported in some browsers. I currently recommend Chrome or Edge Dev since there is still one issue with Firefox.


Visit to set your settings. Type in a city name then click on one of the suggestions.
You can pick from a few backgrounds or use a link to your own, and there are many music tracks you can pick from.
A few narration lines from Allen Jackson are available, which were taken from the publicly available WUWA app.
This simulator is not open source and it's only available through my website.

Any suggestions or feedback is appreciated!

I gotta say, I'm kind of impressed, looks pretty good...and I'm using Firefox.

This is quite an excellent Simulator! I especially love the attention to details, when it comes to the radar map and how the style matched the actual Intellistar to a t!

I wanted to ask, do you have any future plans for this simulator? Such as a National mode (where it could find forecasts for all the major cities, and show a radar in each region of the USA), or an emergency feed mode (where it shows just the radar shifting from each region of the USA in a loop with music in fullscreen, along with the time and logo at the top.

Considering that those aren't done by the IS2, I'd estimate chances of that happening are a big 0.

Ah..... well thanks for that rather pessimistic response Kelby....

However, you are right in that regard. I just was creatively brainstorming hahaha.... It's not everyday I come across a near replica of an actual unit that the common user such as myself can use. Not everyone is as lucky as you are, to be able own the actual hardware. (big fan of your YT channel btw)


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