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Contest: Weather Star XL Graphics

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Please note, this contest is for anyone who has a good hand and eye at graphics design.
Heres how the contest goes:
Congrats! You have been hired to create a new background and animation sequences for the legacy Weather Star XL platform, more notibly, the Local Forecast presentation! Its up to you and your imagination to create captivating graphics that anyone tuning into the channel will see when its time for the Local On The 8's!

When designing graphics, you may use the current on-air graphics, or you can use a collaboration of your own personal ideas. There is only two limitations to your project: You may not change the location where the product text and graphics are displayed, and you can not create products in which the XL does not support. This limitation is intact to keep the product content's uniform from canidate to canidate to select a winner.

The contest winner (by poll vote) will be able to see their graphics in-action on our live XL stream!

If you are interested in working on a project like this, drop a reply to show your interest!

Good Luck!

I'm interested. Not like I have school or anything to worry about. What video format should be used?

Not sure about the animation part, but I just started working on an XL v3 Concept last night. Sample below.

Ultimately with this contest I encourage original designs, while current and past graphics used are good, I would like to see original ideas!

The concept is a hybrid of the HD graphics and the current XL graphics. So far. Only the current conditions screen is completed.


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