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'WeatherScan' like app now in beta preview

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Hello all!

I wanted to introduce myself and a project I've been working on that I think you all might be interested in.  I checked with the admin here before posting and in no way mean this as spam.  I'm hoping for your honest feedback.

I have been heartbroken to see what TWC has done with the LOT8s and the discontinuation of WeatherScan (for the most part) and wanted a replacement.  So two of us spent the last year working in our spare time on developing something similar without being an emulator.  It has the feel of WeatherScan but uses no copyrighted materials at all and adds some features they didn't have.

It's called ivuWeather (pronounced 'I View Weather') and it features:

* Current Conditions
* Local and Regional Radar
* Satellite
* Storm Prediction Center outlooks *
* 4 Periods of text forecasts
* Extended Forecast
* Almanac Data
* All Weather Alerts *
* Real time severe weather coverage ** items with a star only show if active for your area.

I'd be very anxious to hear this group's thoughts on the project.  If you'd like instructions for how to test it on your FireTV device (we will be launching as an app there) please sign up at and instructions will be sent right away.

If you'd rather just preview it on the web you can visit and enter your zip code.

It's still somewhat a work in process but we feel we are nearing completion.  Please let us know what you think.  We're dedicated to making this a viable alternative for those of us who miss being able to see the weather in this format.

Thanks in advance!

That Looks Great! Can't Wait to see more stuff in the Future!  :yes:  :worship: :worship: :worship: :worship: :worship:

This app is amazing! Can’t wait to see what comes of this once it is officially released! This is definitely a great alternative to TWC and Weatherscan. I do wish that the location selection wasn’t so specific, as the location selection is a bit odd. The app asks me to select areas that are 10+ miles from my ZIP code. Other than that, this is pretty solid already.

Just dropped in to say that this is tremendous work, your hard work hasn't gone unnoticed. I, too, am disappointed with the direction of The Weather Channel as of late and run my own IntelliStar 1 system to make it a bit more bearable during longform programming and that jazz (speaking of jazz, where is that?)

Speaking about the ivuWeather project, it does its job very well! It using NWS data is a huge plus as it's precise as it can get IMO. People rely on the Internet these days (mostly apps on phones) and not television to get their weather, so it's right in that neighborhood.

No complaints at all on desktop -- on mobile the crawl below does judder, but I don't expect optimal performance on that front.

Awesome work on this, I'm going to keep tabs on the project and see how it progresses.

EDIT: Low Power Mode was on my iPhone at the time of testing -- it throttles the CPU/SoC therefore the juddering crawl. It's all good now.

I gave it a go, not on a Fire Stick, but in my web browser, and its simply beautiful. It ran well enough, got accurate weather data, and looks good. I'll definitely use it more.


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