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Oct 4 2017 - Former Member Beta Testing Begins

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How can I join the weatherscan local beta testers?


--- Quote from: bignascarfan24 on October 06, 2017, 08:09:30 PM ---How can I join the weatherscan local beta testers?

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Read This!

--- Quote from: cc17926 on October 04, 2017, 12:57:54 PM ---Hi Folks,
I think I have gotten the application to a point where it can stand well on its own two feet, but I need some individuals to test.

The requirements are:
1. You must be a former Emulator user that understands how the program works.
2. Can run it over the period of several days
3. Provide feedback of its operation, bugs, etc..

I have set up an official "Discord Chat" to facilitate live discussion of Beta testing:

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remember that it might also take some time before Brian gets everything working so we can start using it. just be patient, I'm sure it'll be ready for us soon ;)

Pop Light Brown:
Haven't been on the web site in a while.

Nice to see that this emulator will be back up soon...and will work with Windows 10!

I hope the forecast zones and observation sites have been fixed.

I can help test Brian I just have to make a discord and I have a dedicated computer to run it for several days! Send me a PM I'm here to help. -Alex


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