TWC's 24-Hour Outage

TWC experienced major problems for a period of roughly 24 hours beginning this past Wednesday at roughly 3PM and ending around the same time the next day, Thursday. During this time the normal music failed and was replaced by Trammell Starks. In addition, the regular local forecast was replaced with a satellite LF on several occasions.

Below is a video timeline of the event. More videos may be added. All times are Eastern time. All current clips courtesy of Billy Miller and Alain.

Wed. 3:18PM

Wed. 3:38PM

Wed. 3:48PM

Wed. 3:58PM

Wed. 4:08PM

Wed. 4:18PM

Wed. 4:28PM

Wed. 4:38PM

Wed. 4:48PM

Wed. 4:58PM

Wed. 5:08PM

Wed. 5:18PM

Wed. 5:28PM

Wed. 5:38PM

Wed. 5:48PM

Wed. 5:58PM

Wed. 6:08PM

Wed. 6:18PM

Wed. 6:28PM

Wed. 6:38PM

Wed. 6:48PM

Wed. 6:58PM

Wed. 7:58PM

Wed. 8:08PM

Wed. 8:18PM

Wed. 8:28PM

Wed. 8:38PM

Wed. 8:48PM

Wed. 8:58PM

Wed. 9:08PM

Wed. 9:18PM

Wed. 9:28PM

Wed. 9:38PM

Wed. 9:48PM

Wed. 10:18PM

Wed. 11:58PM

Thurs. 12:08AM

Thurs. 12:18AM

Thurs. 12:28AM

Thurs. 5:58AM

Thurs. 6:38AM

Thurs. 10:48AM