TWC's Meltdown

Late in the evening on January 21, 2008, TWC experienced a power surge as a result of a water leak that resulted in cataclysmic difficulties throughout the rest of that evening, and most of the following day. Initially, TWC was totally knocked off the air. Then a continous loop of the satellite local forecast began. At some point, TWC was able to play an episode of the 100 Biggest Weather Moments. Following that the satellite LF resumed, until nearly daybreak on the 22nd when TWC was finally able to get a very slapstick presentation on the air. This presentation featured nothing more than an OCM talking and pointing at a map. A short time later the normal LF and programming finally resumed, but many glitches and problems were still being fixed throughout that day and the next.

Below are some clips from what's affectionately being called "TWC's Meltdown". Enjoy!

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Clip #1-A clip of the satellitle LF. Note the sudden appearance of the green screen towards the end of the clip.

Clip #2-Another clip of the continuous satellite LF.

Clip #3-Clip from 1:20AM ET on Jan. 22. Notice the odd scrolling of the LF screen at the beginning of the clip.

Clip #4-Clip from 12:26AM ET on Jan. 22. Notice at around the :53 mark after the first commerical, the screen goes black and an unfamiliar song begins playing. Then notice that it does so again around 1:35, and then again at 2:15. That round of Dave Koz lasts for about two minutes before a silent saellite LF kicks in. This song was identified as "After Dark" by Dave Koz. Fitting, wasn't it?

Clip #5-Clip from 1:45AM on the 22nd. Again, Trammell and the satellite LF, with another brief appearance of the green screen earlierin the video.

Clip #6-Clip from 2:07AM on the 22nd. By now an episode of the 100 Biggest Weather Moments airs. Notice the blue screen that appears in place of what normally would have been the local forecast. After a moment or so the blue screen disappears and a satellite LF with Trammell Starks appears.

Clip #7-Finally TWC is able to put together some sort of on-air presentation, albeit a rather slapstick one. Rich Johnson is the OCM. Notice the total lack of graphics, and pretty much everything else.