On the evening of June 25th at 7:58 PM ET, members of TWC Today recorded the local forecast for the fourth time. Here you will find the local forecasts as our members see them from all across the country. June 25th marks the two year anniversary of TWC Today. We had a record turn out for this event!! Simply click on a persons name to see their Local Forecast.

Matt (tpirfan28) South Bend, IN IntelliSTAR
Jesse (jtmal0723) Camden, NJ IntelliSTAR
Josh (joshua87901) Conroe, TX IntelliSTAR
Billy (beanboy89) Hanover,PA IntelliSTAR
WeatherSTARIII Peoria, IL Direct TV LF
Zach (TWCZach) HD Local Forecast
(Gt1racer47) Fall River, MA Intellistar
Kyle (kpetree10) Toledo, OH IntelliSTAR
(thegrudge58) Jackson, MS Intellistar
Aaron (socool775) Lansing, MI Intellistar
Aaron (socool775)) East Lansing, MI Intellistar
Jonathan (7oa) Satellite (DISH Network)
Kyle (kpetree10) (High Quality) HD Satellite
(LFMusicRocks) (High Quality)Satellite
Steve (Spring Rubber) Chicago, IL Direct TV LF
(SnowManiac) Atlanta, GA Intellistar
(pricefan87) Central Park, NY Intellistar
Victor (Localonthe8s) Atlantic City, NJ DirectTV LF
Henry (hen7713) Kenosha, IL Intellistar
Evan (Evan2015) Frankfort, KY Intellistar