August 2010 Playlist




Colortones - Ryan Farish



Daydreamer - Bobby Arnold



Green Onions - Booker T And The MGs



Ocean Afternoon - Marlenne Saientz



Once And Again - Snuffy Walden



Pan Funk - Bickley Rivera



Rock Steady - Richard Elliot



Simplicity - Stanton Lanier



The Thorn Amidst the Rose - Paul Tegel and The Gardeners



Time Is Tight - The Clash



Walk Don't Run - The Ventures



Windjammer - Ryan Farish





A Summer Night's Dream (Mr Groove) - Euge Groove



Coming Up - Bryan Steele



Diamond Eyes - Michael Haggins



Dreams of Ibiza - Bickley Rivera



Just Promise Me - Kenny Brooks



Once In A Lifetime - Chris Geith



One Fine Day - Ryan Farish



Pan Funk - Bickley Rivera



Rattle And Burn - Jesse Cook



Rock Steady - Richard Elliot



Take Me Away - Bickley Rivera



Three Is Company - Jill Switzer



Waiting For You - Marcus Anderson



Walk Don't Run - Herb Alpert and The Tijuana Brass



Wishbone - Physical Therapy





A Loss For Words - Gooding



Cliffs Of Dover - Eric Johnson



Diamond Eyes - Michael Haggins



Eminence Front - The Who



Essence - Ryan Farish



Have A Cigar - Pink Floyd



Jessica - The Allman Brothers Band



Magnificent Eleven - Sam Spence



Monoliths - Maserati



New York/Melting Pot - Snuffy Walden



Song Five - Beach Street Music



Song Four - Beach Street Music



Song One - Beach Street Music



Song Three - Beach Street Music



Song Two - Beach Street Music



Yet Unknown (Weeping Guitar Mix) - Trance Fury





Austrailia - 20 Minutes To Park



Discovery - Stanton Lanier



Guilt - Trance Fury



Hope 4 2 Day - Andre Parker



In This Moment - Ryan Farish



Look To The West - Steve Glotzer



Loveless Cafe - 20 Minutes To Park



Sacrifice - SounDoctrine



Shape Of My Heart - Lee Ritenour



Stronger Heart - Joe Taylor



The Thrill Is Gone - B.B. King



Waiting For You - Marcus Anderson



Worship One - James Brown