January 2009 Playlist




Above the Clouds - Chris Geith



Beautiful Day - Steve Glotzer



Belize - Carlomagno Araya



Better than Myself - Sean Spicer



Country Stroll - Steve Glotzer



Good Move - Robbin Scholl



Midday - James Ward



Mood Swing - Norman Fisk



Oasis - Jay Soto



Old Buck Theme - Michael Colone





Back Door Jam - Norman Fisk



Like it Always Was - Jim Lum



Never Ask Why - Steve Glotzer



Night Groove - Ursula Suzana Pacheco



Sister Betty (Shabazz) - Jeanne Ricks



Stop Look Listen (To Your Heart) - Boney James



Sunset Dream - Chris Geith



Teriva - John_Gilliat



Time has Fun - David Becker Tribune





Against the Tide - Norman Fisk



Cecilia - Scott Ward



Day Dreamin' - James 'PJ' Spraggins



Letting Go - Ryan Farish



It's Personal - Brian O'Neal



Mood Swing - Keith Crawford



Siesta Otono - Fred Gross



The Traveler - Ralph Diekemper



Think to This - James Ward



Tortilla Flat - Ralph Diekemper