March - April 2007 Playlist




Bingo Lingo (Bingo Jingo) - The Rippingtons



By Grace - Ryan Farish



Cafe Havana - Mark Krunowski



Going Home - Mark Krunowski



Here We Go - Brian Hughes



Looking Back - Ryan Farish



Moonlight - The Rippingtons



On The Bayou (Cajun Blue) - Patrick Yandall



Pressing Own (Pressing On) - Yvonne Ayers



Six Four - The Rippingtons



Spanish Girl - The Rippingtons



Still In The Duece - Funktelligence



Stringbean - Brian Hughes



Under The Weather - Jim Lum



Wild Card - The Rippingtons





Get Right - Keyan Williams



Hip Hop One (Motor City Motion) - Patrick Yandall



Hip Hop Two (Mount Pleasant) - Patrick Yandall



Lay It Down - The Rippingtons



Moonlight - The Rippingtons



Nova Bosa (Who's the Bossa) - Patrick Yandall



Paradise - The Rippingtons



Pressing Own (Pressing On) - Yvonne Ayers



Swift Kick - Keyan Williams



Tender Moment - Tony Davilio





Above The Horizon - Samuel Lincoln



Across The Bay (Take Me Away) - Donna Sue Kirkpatrick (Bill Kilpatrick)



Discovery 36 - Doug Granville



From Scratch - Doug Granville



Hourglass - Mark Krunowski



Just We Two (It's Done) - Kim Hansen



Make Your Own Way - Doug Granville



Suspended - Doug Granville



Under The Weather - Jim Lum



Wisp In The Wind (Love Note) - John Menzano