April - May 2007 Playlist




Bingo Jingo - The Rippingtons



Brave New World - The Rippingtons



By Grace - Ryan Farish



Climbing Green Hills - Mark Krurnowski



Pork Rinds and Brandy - Randall Chowning



Saturday Night (Saturday Morning) - Art Ruprecht



Sierra Mountains (Mount Pleasant) - Patrick Yandall



Sleeping Angel - Brian Hughes



Spanish Girl - The Rippingtons



Stone Groove - Boney James



Straight to You - Brian Hughes



Summerland - Chris Korblein



Thought I Told U About That - Keyan Williams



Trans Warp Conduit - Anthony James Baker



Wait a Minute - Mark Krurnowski





Aint No Woman Like the One I Got - Jeff Golub



Blessed and On Top - Johnny Menzano



Butterfly Stomp - Doug Markley



If You Want Me to Stay - Jeff Golub



Sierra Mountains (Mount Pleasant) - Patrick Yandall



> Stay - Chris Korblein



Tender Moment - Tony Davilio



Trans Warp Conduit - Anthony James Baker



Unknown Song - Unknown Artist



Unknown Song - Unknown Artist





Above The Horizon - Samuel Lincoln



Across The Bay (Who The Bossa Me) - Donna Sue Kirkpatrick (Bill Kilpatrick)



Drifter - Doug Markley



Love Note - John Menzano



Pressing On - Yvonne Avers



Stolen Moments - Kim Hansen



Swing Shift (Park Place) - CC Gilmore



Unsung Hero - Patrick Yandall



When Summer Comes - George Howard