May 2006 Playlist


A Special Thanks to Localonthe8s for all of his tremendous help




Bernie Jr. - Bernie Williams



Brother Man - William Green



Climbing Green Hills- Mark Krurnowski



Desert Road - Mark Krurnowski



Desvelado - Bernie Williams



East Coast Drive- Mark Krurnowski



Island Breeze - William Green



Jibaro - Miguel Zenon



Just My Style - Marion Meadows



Legacy - Ryan Farish



Oceanside - Mark Krurnowski



Parade of Fools - Brian Hughes



Remember Me - Marion Meadows



Steppers...Let's Do This - Marion Meadows



Stranded On a Bridge- Bernie Williams





All This Time (Long Time Coming) - Jay Soto



Back Seat Rider - Mark Krurnowski



A Call to Dove Arms - David Reinstein



Deep Blue Sky - Mark Krurnowski



Dressed to Chill - Marion Meadows



Enter the Bond - Bernie Williams



Farjarendo - Miguel Zenon



God Moving Over the Face of the Waters - Moby



La Salsa En Mi - Bernie Williams



Punto Cubano - Miguel Zenon





Bittersweet - Glenn Mcnulty



Friday Night (Weekend Getaway) - Mark Carter



God Moving Over the Face of the Waters - Moby



Green Valley - William Green



Just Because - Bernie Williams



Para Don Berna - Bernie Williams



Sierra Mountains - Patrick Yandall



Villaran - Miguel Zenon