August-September 2006 Playlist


A Special Thanks to Localonthe8s for all of his tremendous help




Beautiful Day (Smooth Sailin') - Richard Smith



Creole Dreams - Nestor Torres



Dance Because You Can - Nestor Torres



Ferlinghetti (The Beat Generation) - Patrick Yandall



Hamba Nami - Chris Doc Stewart



House Call - Nestor Torres



Over And Over - Brian Hughes



Promise You - Brian Hughes



Sarsando - Mark Krunowski



She's All That - Doug Markley



16th & Mission - Glenn Mcnulty



Smooth Move - Jim Weider



Take 5 - Dave Brubeck Quartet



Taking Flight - Mark Krurnowski



Watermelon Man - Herbie Hancock




Blue Mist - Ryan Farish



Dust To Dust (From The Ashes) - Patrick Yandall



Flight - Jim Weider



New Day - Jim Weider



Peace With Myself - Nestor Torres



Santa Clause Stroll (Mystic Stroll) - Barry Hartglass



She's All That - Doug Markley



Smooth Sailing (Green Is Beautiful) - Mark Carter



Things I've Known - Mark Krurnowski





Back Home Again (Whatever Whenever) - CC Gilmore



Catalina (The River) - Doug Markley



Feels Like Before - Fred Gross



Fireworks - Moby



My Beautiful Blue Sky - Moby



Rain Daze - Jim Weider



Suite Life (Sweeten The Pot) - Yvonne Ayers



Truckin' (Travel Tune) - CC Gilmore



Your Smile (Smile For Today) - Patrick Yandall