The Weather Channel Twitter Accounts


The Weather Channel has started using the social network Twitter ( as a means of intereacting with viewers. Follow them and your tweets (messages to them) may end up on air!!

Main Account
Abrams and Bettes
Heather Tesch
Jim Cantore
Mike McMackin
TWC Meteorologist
Richard Lewlling (TWC Radio)
Tetiana Anderson
Weather Center West Coast 10-1am ET
TWC Account used on weekend shows
Kelly Cass
Carl Parker
Dr. Anna Marie
Your Weather Today
Samantha Mohr
Betty Davis
PM Edition operated by Nick Walker
First Outlook
Day Planner
Heidi Cullen
Vortex2 and Mike Bettes
Jen Carfagno
Nick Walker
Al Roker
Jennifer Roberts- Associate Producer
TWC Crew
Jim Cantore and Alexandra Steele
Stephanie Abrams
Sherri Pugh- Weather Producer
Adam Berg


Some accounts may not be used or have little activity but I encourage you to follow them anyway.