What people are saying about TWC Today!

This is a great resource for current Weather Channel information, especially the music playlists. I've been a fan of the current music, and having a list of the music that has played has really gone a long way in building my smooth jazz collection. -Matt (tpirfan28)

I love this site very much. I found music clips of many songs that I wouldn't find anywhere else and the playlist page is a tremendous help when looking for a song. I like it how we can discuss in-depth about the current music on the local forecast and everyone here is very knowledgable. -Victor

"I found a song that I have been looking for for 5 years, thanks to your site!" -Gil

Awesome site! I come here for all my current Weather Channel needs! Keep up the magnificient work and I'm glad a site like this exists! -Alex

I think TWC Today & TWC Today Forums are great because a lot of people like the present version Of TWC, & it gives people a place to talk about the Local Forecast Music, The OCM's, The Programming, The Artists, how some of the members can do their own TWC fan art, & to talk about the Weather Star Jr. Project. So overall, I like TWC Today & The Forums. - Roland (4 News Weather Now)

Great place to discuss the current happenings of The Weather Channel, and a great choice of topics, weather channel, or non-weather channel related. Thanks to Gary, Kyle, and Stephen for having, what has been a very successful site! -Kyle (wxmediafan)

TWC Today is a superb source for any Weather Channel information from 2000 through the present day. Whether you're looking for OCM info, playlists, music clips, or video clips, you can find it here, plus more. -Billy (beanboy89)

If you're looking for anything related to TWC from 2000 on, TWC Today is the place to go. Need a music ID? Several members on the forum are very knowledgeable about the music TWC plays on its Local on the 8s. Have a general question about TWC from 2000-present? Again, the site has several highly knowledgeable members on various TWC-related topics. The site also has, by far, the largest video and music collection of any other site specializing in modern TWC. I would recommend the site to anyone interested in modern TWC material. -Matt (ErnestoAlert)

This website helped me find the name of the tunes that have been burned into my mind ever since I was a kid. -engineer

This site has fun videos of favorite past OCM's. -Michelle (stormymikala)

TWC Today is a great place to listen to Music heard on the weather channel, and Watch TWC Videos from across the Lower 48, in all its versions from 2000 to the present. -Chris (chris9277)

Initially, stirring doubts regarding the future of this website reigned. However, thanks to robust determination, TWCToday.com has surmounted the "TWC Forum Monopoly" and offered its members a fresh, new look at the goings on of The Weather Channel as it exists today, offering in-depth discussion and analysis of nearly every aspect of the network. -Dan (Concentric Eyewall)

TWC Today is the best site on the internet for current TWC and music! - hen7713