Download and Installing


Make sure you have been assigned an account and configured your account before proceding onto these steps!!


1. After you have set up your account in CINE, please click "Download and Keys" in CINE. Download the "Main emulator release"


2. Three icons will appear on your desktop. Please click the icon that reads "Set Affiliate ID" This will tell the emulator which user you are. Enter the username you choose or were assigned. Select Save and Exit.
NOTE: Windows Vista users MUST right click on the icon and "Run as Admin"


3. Now start the emulator by clicking on the Weatherscan Local XL icon.
NOTE: Windows Vista users MUST right click on the icon and "Run as Admin


4. For copy control, a key is required. This key is determined by your computer hardware and will be assigned to you. Click "Get My Key", the emulator will open CINE and will display your key and username. Copy this and enter it into the emulator. This will NOT work if you do not download all updates and run as admin in Windows Vista!!


Enjoy the program. If you have any problems please see the support forums! Make a topic and we will get back to you as soon as possible with support.



Here are the steps to change the music on the emulator.


1. Navigate on your computer to the following folder C:\wsxl


2. Now click the WeatherScan folder and then the music folder.


3. Place any music files you want the emulator to play here. They must be non DRM mp3s.


4. Right click the list.m3u and open it up with NOTEPAD.


5. Follow the same format you see listed. For example if I have "awesomesong.mp3" and want the emulator to play it, I add it on a seperate line in notepad and type in EXACTLY how the filename and FILE EXTENSION is spelled. An easy way to do this is to right click on the song and select rename. Then when the text is highlighted use Ctrl. C to copy it and then paste it into notepad. Then add.mp3 if it is not already added.


5. Save notepad and your done!



Note For Vista Users


Vista likes to be difficult and sometimes wont let you edit files in program folders. To get around this, copy the file to your desktop, edit it there, save the changes. Then move it back to the program folder and overwrite the file there Post any issues or questions you may have here.