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Trammell Starks
« on: October 07, 2014, 12:23:38 AM »
Sorry if I'm not posting in the right area or this has been posted before. I'm new so don't hate me. I only recently got Verizon and the weatherscan. I will say that I like it and it has some old flavor with the new.  It was great hearing Tramell Starks "The only one for me".  I like this better then local on the 8's. The one change I would love to see is get rid of the female voice and give me Allan Jackson.  I also wish it was HD channel and not SD but hey it's a little taste of the past. Now if I could only tune in at night or Midnights to TWC when nothing else is on tv and watch some live OCMs doing weather scope tonight. Ahhh the good old days.