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2 years after a fatal accident involving The Weather Channel hired storm chasers Kelly Williamson and Randall Yarnall that killed the both of them and National Weather Service hired storm chaser Corbin Jaeger, the family of Jaeger is suing The Weather Channel for the deadly accident which was caused when the car that Williamson and Randall were in brew a stop sign while speeding at 70 MPH on a intersection of 2 roads in Texas while chasing a tornadic thunderstorm. they were live streaming at the time they collided with
Jaeger's car causing the fatal wreck.


as Hurricane Matthew slowly gets closer to Florida possibly as a Cat. 4 hurricane, DirecTV launched a Severe Weather Channel and a Severe Weather Mix channel on the DirecTV lineup temporary for extending coverage of the storm for those who ether evacuated already or staying put but still have power at the moment and can still get signal before the storm wipes it out or the news junkies and weather fanatic watching for the latest just to be up to date.

right now the severe weather channel is a rotation of WPBF out of West Palm Beach, FL (and soon as it gets further north, WESH & WKCF out of Orlando, FL, WJCL out of Savannah, GA, WYFF out of Greenville, SC and WBAL out of Baltimore, MD), WeatherNation & The Weather Channel. it's on channel 362-2

the severe weather mix channel is show a interactive screen of a choice between the severe weather channel, WeatherNation, CNN, The Weather Channel (and soon Fox News and CNBC or MSNBC when they do their coverage of the Hurricane), currently on 321-1 as well as it's normal Sports Mix home (as the channel is preempting the Sports Mix until Matthew has left the US) at 205 and 600.


if you have dish network and wondering why you lost your HD channels including The Weather Channel HD, the answer is, a satellite failure has happened.

sometime yesterday (as it's past Midnight Central time as i'm posting). the satellite on 129 failed big time and all the HD channels on 129 went away. Dish knows the problem and are trying to fix it. so don't worry, there's no dispute over carriage of these channels at this time, as the HD channels are also on another satellite for the east coast setup. the 129 setup is mostly west coast.

for more info, i suggest you check up with SatelliteGuys.US and DBSTalk.com as well as Dish's website and their facebook and twitter account if you haven't gotten updates yet.

i hope the HD channels return real soon.

if you have Dish Network like me, you may lose the Weather Channel soon as Dish Network is the first cable/Satellite provider to have a dispute with The Weather Channel.

here's a statement on Dish's website:

this is really looking bad for Dish Network customer who are fans of the Weather Channel, but at least Dish is launching an new weather network to replace it, which might be better then long form programs and movies. but it's still not the Weather Channel, you need to contact both The Weather Channel and Dish Network if you want to keep The Weather Channel on Dish Network,

if not, make the switch to DirecTV or Cable.

let's hope NBC Universal cracks and and makes sure The Weather Channel stays on Dish.

i rather have both The Weather Channel and The Weather Cast then to lose one of them.

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