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Well, this is my first post on the forum. I have been looking around this website, and I just wanted to show you all something interesting that I found on the local forecast in Commerce, Texas that I have never seen before. It is an interesting combination of both Intellistar 1 and 2. More details in the Imgur post I have included a link to below.


I have also uploaded a video recording of the weather forecast, but keep in mind it is a bit shaky, loud, and was recorded from a tube television, but you should be able to hear jazz playing through the speakers, and see exactly what I am talking about.


While the graphics seem to be from around '08 and '09, I am not sure, seems like a custom version. Also, didn't they retire all of the original IntelliStar units? This is quite puzzling to me, so this is one reason why I posted here. Is this an error, or intended? Has anybody else experienced this before?

Also, I checked the college website and they also seem to be fans of The WeatherStar XL...

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