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Author Topic: Requesting Help With Finding A Song  (Read 7885 times)

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Requesting Help With Finding A Song
« on: August 18, 2010, 10:48:58 PM »
Before posting a request please visit our extensive music database on the TWC Today website at Many songs have been neatly organized and posted there. It is a fantastic resource!!

When asking for help in identifying a song you ehard on the LF (be it past or present-I'll be putting this in the current LF board as well) there are a few things to remember:

-Telling us the specific time a song played is often not helpful, because we don't watch every Local Forecast! If your posting in the current LF music board its marginally helpful there because we can at least determine which daypart playlist the song is on.

-Always include a clip (video or audio) of the song your after if you have one, no matter the quality of the clip. Most of the time this will result in identification.

-If you have no clip, there are some things you can tell us that would help greatly in ID'ing a song. For instance, tell us what instruments were used in the song (piano, guitar, sax, etc.), the tempo of the song (fast, medium, slow), and the style of the song (rock, jazz, new age, and so forth).

-And finally please tell us the month and year the song played (especially important if your posting in the classic board).

No identification request is ignored here, but those with insufficient information likely won't be figured out.