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Author Topic: A Lot of Former TWC Mets. Sure Love Working in Local Atlanta News Stations...  (Read 1219 times)

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This is a random topic I know, but it's also an uneventful Sunday and this weekend has got me thinking how I've been fortunate enough to see a lot of familiar faces from TWC just randomly pop on local ABC, FOX, NBC, and CBS stations over the past 8 years or so.

Take this weekend for example, I've seen Alexandra Steele, Rich Johnson, Heather Tesch, and Samantha Mohr who ironically works weekend evenings at the same station that Heather was filling in on this morning!

Gee, I wonder who else I could see pop up soon... *cough* *cough* Vivian Brown *cough* *cough* :P

These re all the former OCMs I've seen pop up or even end up working at one of our local news stations over the past several years.

Dave Schwartz (2009; CBS affiliate)
Alexandra Steele (2016; CBS affiliate)
Cheryl Lemke (2010-2011; NBC affiliate)
Julie Martin (2014-2015; NBC affiliate)
Heather Tesch (2016; NBC affiliate)
Samantha Mohr (2012-2013; 2015-present NBC affiliate)
Rich Johnson (2016; FOX affiliate)
Kelly Cass? (I think I remember seeing her fill in on our FOX affiliate, not 100% sure)
Jeff Morrow? (Same situation as Kelly Cass, not 100% sure going off of memory)
Jennifer Lopez (Summer of 2014; ABC affiliate)

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That's good that they've remained in the field of meteorology. Maybe you'll see more of them in coming years.
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A recent Google search showed that Kristina Abernathy now works for Cobb County.

No longer in Meteorology, but glad to hear she's well.   B)
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Quick update on some others.....
Kevin Robinson is still Chief Meterologist at WLWT (NBC) in Cincinnati, OH
Jamie Simpson is a meteorologist at WKEF(FOX) in Dayton, OH
Melissa Barrington occasionally fills in for meteorlogists at WDTN (NBC) in Dayton, OH