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Author Topic: Describe the Weather by Month  (Read 2201 times)

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Describe the Weather by Month
« on: October 15, 2015, 09:55:05 PM »
I just thought of something I want to do: describing the weather by month. In this topic, simply write what type of weather the month usually have. Well, here's Laredo Texas weather per month:

January: According to weather.com, it is the coldest month on average. For the most part, it's often varied. The highest temp tends to be 80+ for no reason due to a warm front happening random. The lowest will usually be freezing. Rain precip is dry. Usually my favorite month for the weather if all goes well and doesn't get too unusually hot. It's often get cold in my birthday which are usually pleasant gifts. On an interesting note, cloudy days are common as the sun doesn't show up regularly.
Average high: 67F
Average low: 46F
Record high: 95F
Record low: 19F

February: Almost the same as January, but sometimes reaches the 90+ degree weather. It's more varied than the previous month for that reason, due to the average temps warming up. Therefore, there are more warmer days.
Average high: 72F
Average low: 50F
Record high: 103F
Record low: 20F

March: This is when it starts having more summer-like weather, but there are still cold days. Highest temps will usually range from low 90s to the 100s. Lowest temps tend to be somewhere in the 30s to the 40s.
Average high: 80F
Average low: 57F
Record high: 105F
Record low: 27F

April: Along with May, it's the most spring-like in Laredo although the weather may vary a lot. The precipitation does start to show up, so usually the first thunderstorm will occur in this month.
Average high: 88F
Average low: 64F
Record high: 110F (actually in 2011, it technically broke the old record)
Record low: 32F

May: Probably my favorite spring month in weather, because it is almost like April's. While the temps start to become more summer-like, I like it because it mean it's usually the last time Laredo gets to be in the cool weather for a while until September/October. The average rain days bump up noticeably as thunderstorms had often occur in May.
Average high: 94F
Average low: 72F
Record high: 114F
Record low: 45F

June: While summer comes, there's occasionally days that can be cooler than usual. But, usually, this is when the 100s degree weather shows up more and the rain average is still higher, though slightly less. The nights start getting warmer as well.
Average high: 98F
Average low: 76F
Record high: 114F
Record low: 58F

July: Almost the same as June's, but usually hot and wet. Nights are usually at its warmest between this month and August.
Average high: 99F
Average low: 77F
Record high: 113F
Record low: 66F

August: According to weather.com, it is the hottest month on average. Honestly, it doesn't feel as hot as June/july on average as sometimes it can be less hot. Nights are still warm, though. The rain average is still high.
Average high: 100F
Average low: 77F
Record high: 111F
Record low: 61F

September: This is one of my least favorite month in the whole Laredo weather. As summer comes to an end, Laredo often struggles to stay hot sometimes, which can ruin my enjoyment in weather for this month in general. As a result, there's rarely cold days, but it can reach to the low 60s sometimes. What I hate about this month's weather is that is takes too long for it to be officially fall weather. Even when fall comes, it can be still be painfully hot. :/ But on the bright side, the average rain is the highest than any other month.
Average high: 93F
Average low: 73F
Record high: 110F
Record low: 49F

October: The colder weather (usually in the 50s/40s) tend to return this month (but this years month will mostly break the record of not having any days in the 50s). It is usually diverse as this month begins it will still feels like summer (due to being 90 on average for the first few days), but by the end of the month, it's the officially start of fall in terms of Laredo's standard weather. Average rain drops somewhat.
Average high: 86F
Average low: 65F
Record high: 104F
Record low: 28F

November: Pretty much my favorite fall month in terms of Laredo's weather. Probably because it's the most fall-like it can gets here. Rain doesn't fall too much here on average as it did April-October.
Average high: 76F
Average low: 55F
Record high: 99F
Record low: 27F

December: Tied with January as my favorite month with this city's weather, due to getting much colder and cloudier. The rain is less and snow will fall very rarely (usually only once per I don't really know, this city doesn't snow at all except 2004). Because of the winter season coming, I enjoyed it a lot due to the afternoons getting more cooler.
Average high: 68F
Average low: 47F
Record high: 95F
Record low: 11F