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Title: IntelliSTAR in Aberdeen, WA -- includes pics taken by myself
Post by: TWCJim on October 06, 2012, 08:50:55 PM
Today, my girlfriend and I went up to Aberdeen just for the day, and we went to a thrift shop called "Thrift City." There at the store we saw some old TV sets, and on one of the TV sets, it was tuned to a local TWC feed. Because I saw a local city name on the programming LDL that appeared the second I layed eyes on the TV, I knew almost immediately that the local cable company that served the Aberdeen area (which I found out later that it was Comcast) uses an IntelliSTAR unit on their headend. I wasn't really expecting to find a TV tuned to TWC at the store, but it sure was a lucky coincidence for me  B)

As I watched two LFs respectively, here is some information that I discovered about the STAR unit:

And on top of that, I was able to take 4 pictures of the STAR on a TV set at the store with my camera (see attachments below.)

Note: Sorry about the black bars that appear in my photos. That always happens when you try to take pictures of a TV set with a typical camera  :P