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Contribution Procedures- Updated 9/27/09


Its come to my attention that there are no clear cut rules for contributing yet, so I thought I'd lay them out.

Basically, there are no actual rules. You need not ask if you can post contributions. Your welcome to do so at anytime. I can't think of any reason why you should have to ask me first. I have it set so that contributions up to 20MB may be posted to the forum. Anything above that I would kindly ask that you do contact me about first. Mainly so that I can increase the size to whatever is needed!

Any questions or comments about these rules may be PM'd to me.  :sunglasses: :twothumbs:


By posting a video or other content in the "Contributions" area you agree to allow TWCT to publish the content on the

We reserve the right to remove or deny any content.

If at all possible please submit videos in MP4 format. Thank You


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