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My, how times have changed between 1987 and now...

Weather Channel Prime Time With Colleen Wine 1987

Fast forward to today and now you've got the OCM's saying, "Now that you've got your Local On The 8's fix..." and moving on to the next topic.  For me, that little saying translates as, "Now that that's over with... ."  It's kind of a little pet peeve I have with TWC now.  Given the choice between that video and what I'm watching now, I'll take TWC back then anytime.  Add to that the fact that if you turn to TWC during tonight's prime time, you'll probably catch "Storm Riders" instead of real weather coverage unless, of course, they do some WS Khan coverage instead.

So true.  Given their latest programming changes, I'm honestly very surprised at all that there are any local forecasts left, or, for that matter, any live (or "semi-live," or just pre-recorded) weather programs left at all, as diluted as they are.

Just how long will it be before The Weather Channel turns into a full-fledged longform programming network?  I hate to say it, but I really do think it's just a matter of time.  As it is, the local forecasts and weather programs even now just feel as a "legacy holdover" from the old days, to claim that TWC is still "fulfilling" its core mission.

Barely.  Just barely.

Or, maybe they're so that cable companies won't want to try moving TWC to a higher-cost tier.  After all, TWC gets a larger audience share if it's available on basic cable.

Why did you post this under contributions? I posted that video. :)

Anyway, when I watch these old videos, I wish I had discovered TWC earlier than 1992. It seems like things were even better back then. Sure, they weren't as "polished" as they are today. And there weren't as many "babes" on air, but it was clearly all about giving viewers what they


--- Quote from: twcclassics on January 26, 2013, 12:57:11 PM ---Why did you post this under contributions? I posted that video. :)

--- End quote ---

I was just looking for a place to put it.  :)

TWC, in my opinion, was so much better back then.  I think it was at its peak from about 1987 to 1995-1996 at the latest.  For various reasons, depending on the timeframe, it's been going downhill ever since.


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