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Title: NWS zone config error
Post by: TWCJim on March 19, 2013, 08:35:11 PM
When I try to build configs for both the extended forecast and boating forecasts, I receive the following error message:

NWS Zone: [insert zone code here]

Data from NWS does not provide tabular Extended forecast data, try a close neighboring state.

No matter which zone I choose in either Oregon or Washington, I always get the same error message. California is the closest state with working zone codes, which I live nowhere near  :no:

Can this error be looked into somewhat?  :dunno:

Thank you for your time,

EDIT 1: Zones in both Oregon and Washington are now working for both the boating and extended forecasts  :thumbsup:

EDIT 2: After I have set all of my configs, when I load the emulator, I keep getting a "Local Weather Data Temporarily Unavailable" screen. I've tried updated the configs several times, but they still haven't solved the problem. Can this be looked into? BTW, my ID is TWCJim.